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Experience unique aspects and secrets of Israel  with the planning of Adi Eshed, an authentic Israeli, either you are coming to Israel for the first time or have been here before.

We take care of both the planning and the execution of the trip, offering activities and tours different from those usually found in travel itineraries.

Embark on a journey marked by remarkable moments guided by a professional with eclectic experience and bring back in your luggage much more than memories: bring back meaningful experiences and moments.

We speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Where is Mount Sinai?

Do you know that 23 mountains in the Middle East compete for the prestigious Biblical title: Mount Sinai? The most famous one is in the

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Mahane Yehuda Market

Who has not heard of Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem? Established in 1928 for locals to buy their food goods, Mahane Yehuda is part of Jerusalem identity. It’s

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